MedicScan – The Starting Point of “Meaningful Use”

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Meaningful use time line

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced a proposed incentive program to implement provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) that provide incentive payments to health professionals and hospitals for the “Meaningful Use” of certified electronic health record (EHR) technology. The Medicaid EHR incentive program will provide incentive payments to eligible professionals and hospitals for efforts to adopt, implement, or upgrade certified EHR technology. The core focus is to encourage health providers to not only purchase an EHR, but to also use it in a ‘meaningful manner’ such as exchanging patient information with other medical professionals in order to improve patient care.

Most patients receive care from numerous medical providers and the primary means of establishing a patient’s medical history is often through discussion with the patient. By having a patient’s medical details available on line, you can provide this information to other health workers across settings. Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN) offers the perfect solution as a starting point of “Meaningful Use” for medical professionals and hospitals to capture accurate and detailed patient information from their medical insurance cards. Our software also provides extensive database capabilities for processing, sorting and archiving, as well as extensive and automatic data export capabilities for the data that is captured from the medical cards.

The MedicScan product line from CSSN offers advanced scanning technology that automates and speeds up the process of transferring data from medical cards into electronic forms. The captured image and textual data can then easily be attached to the patient’s electronic chart, saved to a file, or exported to various 3rd party applications such as, Excel, Word or a database. In order to make this vital information available to other health professionals for implementing “Meaningful Use” rules, the captured medical card data can also be emailed sent to an FTP site or a web address.

With the MedicScan Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, this solution has the unique ability to recognize text which appears on the insurance cards and translates it into useable digital data. The image of a scanned insurance card also becomes interactive which allows the user the ability to select specific fields, parts of a field, or even multiple fields together for additional data extraction. The scanned image and data from the patient’s medical cards are stored locally or exported automatically. By having this information on hand, accurate and detailed patient data is available in real time which results in improved health care quality, efficiency, and patient safety as per the “Meaningful Use” standards.

MedicScan is available with a variety of state of the art scanners but the software is TWAIN compatible which means it can easily be installed and utilized on an existing scanner. The scanning process is fully automated which enables users to focus on chain-feeding media into the scanner, while image extraction and processing takes place automatically in the background. As soon as a card is inserted into the scanner, the automatic page-feed detection launches the scan job immediately. With this easy to use system, the time and efforts of manually typing the information are reduced which results in increased productivity and more time to focus on the patients.

The “Meaningful Use” requirements that hospitals and physicians must meet to qualify for federal subsidy payments starts with the purchase and use of electronic health-record systems. The MedicScan solution from CSSN opens the door for health professionals and hospitals to easily collect detailed information from patients medical cards which not only aids them in their quest for eligibility for subsidies but also streamlines the patient registration process to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Our new video

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We have a new video about our insurance card scanner: MedicScan OCR True Parse.
Watch the video and see how quickly the insurance card is scanned and the data is extracted, including an image of the card.

The New Revolutionary Snapshell Medical Card Scanner!

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SnapShell Medical Card Scanner

SnapShell Medical Card Scanner

If you ever used a medical card scanner to scan insurance cards then you are fully aware to the great value a tailored card scanner solution can provide. Scanning medical cards saves the hassle of manually typing necessary information which appears on the card into a medical application, prevent human errors, provide you with a tool to upgrade your customer service and most of all – save you priceless time!

Now imagine your self combining the capabilities of a high quality 3M pixel camera with a professional medical card scanner which is equipped with OCR capability - Optical character recognition, which is an electronic translation of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-editable text. This is how you get the new Snapshell medical card scanner.

Working with a medical card reader camera
Working with a card reader camera is easy as using a simple scanner. The installation process of the hardware and the software is easy and don’t require any special training. The fact that it’s small and lightweight makes it a portable device which can be carried out anywhere you go. On top of that the scanner has no mechanical moving parts and don’t require any calibration.

Once connecting the medical card scanner to a PC or a laptop, you can immediate start scanning medical cards. All you need to do is place the card face down on the window and allow the system run. The Snapshell medical card scanner will instantly snap and provide superb image quality with an excellent picture resolution 600 dpi true color.

This break-through technology provides two additional amazing capabilities:
(1) Smart data collection and maintenance – with SnapShell® IDR software you will be able to easily collect and manage all the scanned data from the cards and by that enables you to fully control it.

(2) Authenticate hidden electronic cards watermark - The Snapshell® WMD camera scanner has the ability verify digital watermarking information which provide important data on the owner of the card. Moreover, The SnapShell® FDA medical card scanner has the power to scan and recognize the hidden electronic watermark printed on the card and compare it to the data that is extracted by OCR.

These truly remarkable card scanning solutions will dramatically change the way people handle insurance cards information. In the world we live in today, time management is critical. A sophisticated and innovative medical card scanner is a great tool to improve and upgrade time management control and by change the way we manage our daily working routine.

CSSN is Proud to Present: The New MedicScan Exhibit!

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medicscan booth

medicscan booth

Card Scanning Solutions, CSSN, is a world leader in image processing technologies. Portable and compact scanning solutions are widely used in various industries. The medical industry among others has embraced technology as a powerful tool for efficiency, compliance, cost savings, and green initiatives.

Medicscan by CSSN was developed to address the medical industry’s growing technological needs. CSSN has been a pioneer in ID reading capabilities. With a proprietary Optical Character Recognition engine or OCR, CSSN has developed a revolutionary logic based medical insurance card reading capability.

Formerly distributed by third party resellers, CSSN is strategically distributing Medicscan directly to its customers. Customers now have direct access to premier customer service, highly trained technical support, and the latest in product development. Customer relationship is highly cultivated and giving customers’ accessibility to CSSN is prevalent.

The Medicscan by CSSN exhibit will be appearing in various expositions, conferences, and seminars across the country. The exhibit is designed to see CSSN first hand. It is an opportunity to engage with CSSN’s team, see the powerful technology in action, and an opportunity to learn about the features and benefits.

Keeping with CSSN’s “green” theme, the exhibit design focuses on efficiency, “less is more”. The display showcases a full and professional scanning workflow: scanning a medical insurance card and transform the data into digital information. The audience will be able to experience the value that that thousands of MedicScan users already benefit from.

Insurance Card Scanner – The Most Powerful Card Scanning Solution!

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If you are looking for an efficient and effective solution for scanning insurance cards then you might consider using a professional insurance card scanner system. Scanning the information which appears on a medical insurance card by using an automatic insurance card scanner can help you in several ways – improve customer service, support the paperless office concept and organize the way to back up and archive vital information. Want to learn more of the advantages of using a fast and compact insurance card scanner? Read on.

Scanning images and text
The most relevant information which appears on any insurance card is the card image and text. There are two techniques to scan insurance cards by using an insurance card scanner system: (1) scan only the card image (2) scan the image and the text.

Scanning images
By using the MedicScan software and the ScanShell 800DXN insurance card scanner, you will be able in a matter of seconds to easily scan both sides of the card. Since the scanning process is automatic, all you need to do is insert the card into the insurance card scanner and the image processing will start immediately. The result will be a digital file which can be archived on a personal computer, be easily exported to different types of applications, or can be simply send over the Web.

The ScanShell 800DXN insurance card scanner device is an A6 duplex scanner which has no need for external power as it connects the computer by a USB cable; it’s small and compact device and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Scanning images and text
By using the MedicScan software and the Scanshell 800R insurance card scanner, you will have the luxury of enjoying the OCR technology - Optical Character Recognition. This advanced and unique technology provides you with the capability to identity the text on the card, scan it and use it for your needs. Imagine your self how much time you can save by using this automatic process – no need to type the text manually to MS word to Excel sheet – it’ all automatic and easy.

The Scanshell 800R insurance card scanner device is a neat gadget everybody likes. It’s an A6 color scanner with scanning resolution of up to 600 dpi. Similar to other potable scanners this insurance card scanner has no need for external power to operate, only a simple USB cable.

There are different types of insurance card scanners available on the market; one should always look for a product that offers superb scanning quality, warranty, and most importantly – an easy-to-use device. The MedicScan’s insurance card scanner solution offer users the perfect hardware and software combination that enables fast productivity, high quality images and the amazing flexibility of scanning and editing printable text.

MedicScan – All-in-one Card Scanning Solutions

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Only after using an advanced card scanning solution one can truly appreciate the advantages this technology can offer. The ability to easily scan a variety of card images - especially the printed text on the card, and transform it into a digital data makes it a very strong and powerful tool. MedicScan is a world leader in providing high quality card scanning products which are based on sophisticated card scanners and smart scanning software’s. The product line of MedicScan offers a perfect solution of scanning medical and insurance cards into a file or database.

MedicScan: Product overview
(1) The MedicScan – a simple-to-use medical card scanner and software which enables you to easily scan both sides of the card (one or two scans depending on the scanner) and transform the card’s image into a file, export it to different types of applications and even email and send it to an FTP address.

(2) The MedicScan OCR – an advanced software and scanner package that has the ability to scan both the image and the text on the card. The most powerful feature of this software is the capability to automatically recognize the text on the card and save it into a file, popular text editing applications, send it over the mail or send it to an FTP address.

(3) The MedicScan Pro – a powerful insurance card scanner and software which can scan high resolution images into a database. This scanner provides an efficient way to archive insurance cards information. Since this process is fully automated, it eliminates the need to manually back up image on the card and by that prevents human errors and priceless typing time.

(4) The MedicScan Pro OCR – by using our innovative OCR technology - Optical Character Recognition - this software can identify any printed text on the insurance card and transform it into digital data. This data can be instantly used, saved or send over the Web.

(5) MedicScan Pro Viewer – simple and friendly software that can access the database created by the MedicScan PRO and MedicScan PRO OCR scanners. Any one who needs to view this database can use it to search for and find relevant scanned information.

The MedicScan products are bundled with our Scanshell scanners which are automatic, lightweight and portable, with an amazing resolution of up to 600 dpi. They do not require any external power and by using a simple USB cable you can connect them to any personal computer.

The MedicScan’s product line is based on innovative and advanced scanning technology that offers true value to anyone who needs to scan medical and insurance cards. By using MedicScan OCR technology users can enjoy not only superb color scanning results but also the unique ability to recognize text which appears anywhere on the card, translate it into digital data and by that provide the user an amazing tool to save considerable amount of priceless time. The scanning process is automatically and can fit the needs of many companies, institutes and individuals who need to scan cards – fast!

To our valued MedicScan® and ScanShell® customers

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For years Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN) has opted to use third party partners in order to distribute our MedicScan® and ScanShell® line of products to the medical industry. Our distribution agreement with Ambir Technologies has expired on Jan 3, 2009. Ambir has elected to terminate the agreement. Thus, Ambir is no longer an approved distributor of CSSN’s MedicScan® and ScanShell® products.

Effective immediately, all sales inquiries, purchasing requirements, technical support, customer service, and warranty issues will be serviced directly by Card Scanning Solutions. We want to assure you that the impact of this transition will be seamless. When purchasing directly with us, product identification (SKU) and pricing will remain the same. All products will ship from our distribution center. Moreover, the standard product warranty and previously purchased extended warranties will be completely honored through the services provided by Card Scanning Solutions.

Card Scanning Solutions has dedicated an Inside Sales Team for all of our customer’s needs. We can be reached at: 213-867-2625. We strive to provide the most cutting edge ID scanning, document scanning, imaging enhancement, and OCR technology. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us immediately.


Yossi Zekri
President and CEO
Card Scanning Solutions

Please submit new purchase orders to:
By Phone: 213-867-2625
By Fax: 419-735-2419
By E-mail:

To register your account information: go to
If you are not the proper contact; kindly forward this letter to the appropriate individual.

Card Scanning Solutions Customer Relations Team:
Iuval Hatzav - EVP/Business Development – – 213/867-2613
Celeste Monzon – Customer Relations Manager – – 213/867-2611

Duplex medical card scanner

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duplex medical card scanner

duplex medical card scanner

The Ultimate Duplex Medical Card Scanner

If you’ve been searching for the perfect duplex medical card scanner and scanning software, then search no more! Our amazing high-tech, yet user-friendly scanning devices provide the ultimate duplex medical card scanner solution for all of your business and non-business needs. Gone are the days where you had to constantly flip over medical cards to scan all the information. With our revolutionary duplex scanning solutions, such as our Medicscan software bundled with Scanshell 3000DN or Medicscan OCR bundled with Scanshell 3000D (OCR version of the 3000DN), your life will never be the same.

How does it work?
The duplex medical card scanner is a simple to use, yet highly effective piece of equipment. Simply place the medical card in the scanner and it will automatically scan and read both sides of the card simultaneously. The image or data and image (depending on the software you buy) can then be extracted to at text file or database and imported to just about any medical application.

Not only for medical cards
Our Scanshell 3000DN duplex medical card scanner not only scans medical cards, but it also scans and reads just about any other A4 document. That means that you can scan that double-paged document with one simple scan and have it exported to a PDF file via the bundled Docshell software in a matter of seconds. Imagine the time you’ll save if you have 20 to 30 double-sided documents to scan and upload to your computer. Now you’ll be able to spend more time on more pressing issues at work!

Other features/benefits
These high-tech scanning devices are extremely portable; their small, ergonomic and lightweight (less than 18 ounces) design allows you to take it from one desk to another. The devices don’t even require their own power source. Simply use the USB cable that comes with the device and plug it into your desktop computer or laptop, much like you would with a printer or digital camera.

An amazing offer!
If you purchase one of our duplex medical card scanner solutions, Medicscan or Medicscan OCR – bundled with either the Scanshell 3000DN (medical card and A4 document scanning capabilities) or the Scanshell 3000D (the OCR version) – you’ll receive our Docshell software absolutely free! This bundled software will make your life easier in the office as it organizes images, data, and documents in a simple-to-use, yet highly efficient manner.

Exciting New Version of our MedicScan OCR Insurance Card Scanner

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insurance card scanner OCR window

Insurance card scanner OCR window

In our last post, we described the amazing MedicScan device; an insurance card scanner that uploads scanned data from an insurance card in mere seconds. We mentioned that it could be utilized in a variety of settings and that the scanned data can be uploaded to various applications. The new version of MedicScan OCR, the MedicScan OCR True Parse, takes this 21st century technology one step further! Here’s what this truly remarkable insurance card scanner device can offer you.

Interactive capabilities
With the new version MedicScan OCR True Parse, the insurance card scanner acts as an intelligent device that’s able to convert the digital card image into interactive usage. In other words, you can actually choose which data or information you want pulled into another application or medical form of your choice.

How does it work?
The MedicScan OCR True Parse insurance card scanner scans and reads the data through OCR technology and then uploads the actual image along with the data to an interactive window. That window contains both the actual image (left side of the screen) with the text data and a right panel that contains various field options. These two sections allow you to extract the data in two different ways:

(1) Right panel – Click on one the fields of your choice on the right panel and then move your mouse to any one of the highlighted fields on the left side of the window. Then, simply left click on that field (or even multiple fields) and the data will automatically be copied to the right panel field. That data can then be exported to any other application or form with a click of the mouse.

(2) Left side with image – Press the shift button and click on one of the highlighted fields on the insurance card image. Then, drag and drop that particular data into the application or form that you choose. If you want to drag and drop multiple fields at the same time (i.e. address), just left click and drag on those fields that you want to export at one time. You can even export part of a field by left clicking a specific section, which then appears on the bottom panel (making it ready for easy export).

Upcoming blogs
Stay tuned for further insurance card scanner discussions in our future blogs.

Welcome to our new MedicScan Blog!

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As part of our company’s ongoing quest to create an online environment of news and support, we’ve decided to establish our very own MedicScan blog! Our blog will be a place where you can find the latest updates on new products, medical card scanner news, or just a word from our business development team. It will also highlight features and uses of existing and any future medical card scanner products. In other words, our blog will provide an opportunity for you to stay connected and updated with the ever-changing scanning technology.

Where do we begin?
Our first blog entry will discuss some of the amazing applications of the medical card scanner device. It will give you a real taste for what these simple-to-use, yet high-tech devices can do for you!

It’s more than just a doctor’s office’s best friend!
If you’re like most people, you probably think that a medical card scanner is primarily used in a doctor’s office. You imagine the receptionist swiping your medical card through the device and miraculously, the information is downloaded to the computer’s database in a mere two or three seconds. This little scanning device wonder, however, can be used for so much more! Take a look at the list below which includes just some of the places that can benefit from a medical card scanner.

  • Emergency room
  • Pharmacy
  • Retirement homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Child care centers
  • Schools
  • Camps
  • Fitness centers
  • And just about anywhere else that requires insurance card information.

An emergency room scenario
To show you how valuable a medical card scanner can be, let’s take a look at the hospital emergency room environment. Suppose that someone enters the emergency room with an intense shooting pain in the chest area. This person is short of breath and doesn’t have enough strength to fill out the forms. Unfortunately, this person came to the ER alone, so there’s no one to assist him with the form’s endless questions (i.e. medical record number, address, etc.). With the medical card scanner, the receptionist simply swipes the patient’s card through the device and within seconds the necessary data is uploaded to the computer’s database. He can now be seen with no further delays.

Stay tuned
Read about our newest product in our upcoming blog.

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