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We have a new video about our insurance card scanner: MedicScan OCR True Parse.
Watch the video and see how quickly the insurance card is scanned and the data is extracted, including an image of the card.

Insurance Card Scanner – The Most Powerful Card Scanning Solution!

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If you are looking for an efficient and effective solution for scanning insurance cards then you might consider using a professional insurance card scanner system. Scanning the information which appears on a medical insurance card by using an automatic insurance card scanner can help you in several ways – improve customer service, support the paperless office concept and organize the way to back up and archive vital information. Want to learn more of the advantages of using a fast and compact insurance card scanner? Read on.

Scanning images and text
The most relevant information which appears on any insurance card is the card image and text. There are two techniques to scan insurance cards by using an insurance card scanner system: (1) scan only the card image (2) scan the image and the text.

Scanning images
By using the MedicScan software and the ScanShell 800DXN insurance card scanner, you will be able in a matter of seconds to easily scan both sides of the card. Since the scanning process is automatic, all you need to do is insert the card into the insurance card scanner and the image processing will start immediately. The result will be a digital file which can be archived on a personal computer, be easily exported to different types of applications, or can be simply send over the Web.

The ScanShell 800DXN insurance card scanner device is an A6 duplex scanner which has no need for external power as it connects the computer by a USB cable; it’s small and compact device and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Scanning images and text
By using the MedicScan software and the Scanshell 800R insurance card scanner, you will have the luxury of enjoying the OCR technology - Optical Character Recognition. This advanced and unique technology provides you with the capability to identity the text on the card, scan it and use it for your needs. Imagine your self how much time you can save by using this automatic process – no need to type the text manually to MS word to Excel sheet – it’ all automatic and easy.

The Scanshell 800R insurance card scanner device is a neat gadget everybody likes. It’s an A6 color scanner with scanning resolution of up to 600 dpi. Similar to other potable scanners this insurance card scanner has no need for external power to operate, only a simple USB cable.

There are different types of insurance card scanners available on the market; one should always look for a product that offers superb scanning quality, warranty, and most importantly – an easy-to-use device. The MedicScan’s insurance card scanner solution offer users the perfect hardware and software combination that enables fast productivity, high quality images and the amazing flexibility of scanning and editing printable text.

Exciting New Version of our MedicScan OCR Insurance Card Scanner

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insurance card scanner OCR window

Insurance card scanner OCR window

In our last post, we described the amazing MedicScan device; an insurance card scanner that uploads scanned data from an insurance card in mere seconds. We mentioned that it could be utilized in a variety of settings and that the scanned data can be uploaded to various applications. The new version of MedicScan OCR, the MedicScan OCR True Parse, takes this 21st century technology one step further! Here’s what this truly remarkable insurance card scanner device can offer you.

Interactive capabilities
With the new version MedicScan OCR True Parse, the insurance card scanner acts as an intelligent device that’s able to convert the digital card image into interactive usage. In other words, you can actually choose which data or information you want pulled into another application or medical form of your choice.

How does it work?
The MedicScan OCR True Parse insurance card scanner scans and reads the data through OCR technology and then uploads the actual image along with the data to an interactive window. That window contains both the actual image (left side of the screen) with the text data and a right panel that contains various field options. These two sections allow you to extract the data in two different ways:

(1) Right panel – Click on one the fields of your choice on the right panel and then move your mouse to any one of the highlighted fields on the left side of the window. Then, simply left click on that field (or even multiple fields) and the data will automatically be copied to the right panel field. That data can then be exported to any other application or form with a click of the mouse.

(2) Left side with image – Press the shift button and click on one of the highlighted fields on the insurance card image. Then, drag and drop that particular data into the application or form that you choose. If you want to drag and drop multiple fields at the same time (i.e. address), just left click and drag on those fields that you want to export at one time. You can even export part of a field by left clicking a specific section, which then appears on the bottom panel (making it ready for easy export).

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Stay tuned for further insurance card scanner discussions in our future blogs.

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