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As part of our company’s ongoing quest to create an online environment of news and support, we’ve decided to establish our very own MedicScan blog! Our blog will be a place where you can find the latest updates on new products, medical card scanner news, or just a word from our business development team. It will also highlight features and uses of existing and any future medical card scanner products. In other words, our blog will provide an opportunity for you to stay connected and updated with the ever-changing scanning technology.

Where do we begin?
Our first blog entry will discuss some of the amazing applications of the medical card scanner device. It will give you a real taste for what these simple-to-use, yet high-tech devices can do for you!

It’s more than just a doctor’s office’s best friend!
If you’re like most people, you probably think that a medical card scanner is primarily used in a doctor’s office. You imagine the receptionist swiping your medical card through the device and miraculously, the information is downloaded to the computer’s database in a mere two or three seconds. This little scanning device wonder, however, can be used for so much more! Take a look at the list below which includes just some of the places that can benefit from a medical card scanner.

  • Emergency room
  • Pharmacy
  • Retirement homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Child care centers
  • Schools
  • Camps
  • Fitness centers
  • And just about anywhere else that requires insurance card information.

An emergency room scenario
To show you how valuable a medical card scanner can be, let’s take a look at the hospital emergency room environment. Suppose that someone enters the emergency room with an intense shooting pain in the chest area. This person is short of breath and doesn’t have enough strength to fill out the forms. Unfortunately, this person came to the ER alone, so there’s no one to assist him with the form’s endless questions (i.e. medical record number, address, etc.). With the medical card scanner, the receptionist simply swipes the patient’s card through the device and within seconds the necessary data is uploaded to the computer’s database. He can now be seen with no further delays.

Stay tuned
Read about our newest product in our upcoming blog.

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