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Only after using an advanced card scanning solution one can truly appreciate the advantages this technology can offer. The ability to easily scan a variety of card images - especially the printed text on the card, and transform it into a digital data makes it a very strong and powerful tool. MedicScan is a world leader in providing high quality card scanning products which are based on sophisticated card scanners and smart scanning software’s. The product line of MedicScan offers a perfect solution of scanning medical and insurance cards into a file or database.

MedicScan: Product overview
(1) The MedicScan – a simple-to-use medical card scanner and software which enables you to easily scan both sides of the card (one or two scans depending on the scanner) and transform the card’s image into a file, export it to different types of applications and even email and send it to an FTP address.

(2) The MedicScan OCR – an advanced software and scanner package that has the ability to scan both the image and the text on the card. The most powerful feature of this software is the capability to automatically recognize the text on the card and save it into a file, popular text editing applications, send it over the mail or send it to an FTP address.

(3) The MedicScan Pro – a powerful insurance card scanner and software which can scan high resolution images into a database. This scanner provides an efficient way to archive insurance cards information. Since this process is fully automated, it eliminates the need to manually back up image on the card and by that prevents human errors and priceless typing time.

(4) The MedicScan Pro OCR – by using our innovative OCR technology - Optical Character Recognition - this software can identify any printed text on the insurance card and transform it into digital data. This data can be instantly used, saved or send over the Web.

(5) MedicScan Pro Viewer – simple and friendly software that can access the database created by the MedicScan PRO and MedicScan PRO OCR scanners. Any one who needs to view this database can use it to search for and find relevant scanned information.

The MedicScan products are bundled with our Scanshell scanners which are automatic, lightweight and portable, with an amazing resolution of up to 600 dpi. They do not require any external power and by using a simple USB cable you can connect them to any personal computer.

The MedicScan’s product line is based on innovative and advanced scanning technology that offers true value to anyone who needs to scan medical and insurance cards. By using MedicScan OCR technology users can enjoy not only superb color scanning results but also the unique ability to recognize text which appears anywhere on the card, translate it into digital data and by that provide the user an amazing tool to save considerable amount of priceless time. The scanning process is automatically and can fit the needs of many companies, institutes and individuals who need to scan cards – fast!

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