The New Revolutionary Snapshell Medical Card Scanner!

June 23, 2009 on 6:17 am | In medical card scanner |
SnapShell Medical Card Scanner

SnapShell Medical Card Scanner

If you ever used a medical card scanner to scan insurance cards then you are fully aware to the great value a tailored card scanner solution can provide. Scanning medical cards saves the hassle of manually typing necessary information which appears on the card into a medical application, prevent human errors, provide you with a tool to upgrade your customer service and most of all – save you priceless time!

Now imagine your self combining the capabilities of a high quality 3M pixel camera with a professional medical card scanner which is equipped with OCR capability - Optical character recognition, which is an electronic translation of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-editable text. This is how you get the new Snapshell medical card scanner.

Working with a medical card reader camera
Working with a card reader camera is easy as using a simple scanner. The installation process of the hardware and the software is easy and don’t require any special training. The fact that it’s small and lightweight makes it a portable device which can be carried out anywhere you go. On top of that the scanner has no mechanical moving parts and don’t require any calibration.

Once connecting the medical card scanner to a PC or a laptop, you can immediate start scanning medical cards. All you need to do is place the card face down on the window and allow the system run. The Snapshell medical card scanner will instantly snap and provide superb image quality with an excellent picture resolution 600 dpi true color.

This break-through technology provides two additional amazing capabilities:
(1) Smart data collection and maintenance – with SnapShell® IDR software you will be able to easily collect and manage all the scanned data from the cards and by that enables you to fully control it.

(2) Authenticate hidden electronic cards watermark - The Snapshell® WMD camera scanner has the ability verify digital watermarking information which provide important data on the owner of the card. Moreover, The SnapShell® FDA medical card scanner has the power to scan and recognize the hidden electronic watermark printed on the card and compare it to the data that is extracted by OCR.

These truly remarkable card scanning solutions will dramatically change the way people handle insurance cards information. In the world we live in today, time management is critical. A sophisticated and innovative medical card scanner is a great tool to improve and upgrade time management control and by change the way we manage our daily working routine.

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